Informative Articles About Digital Forensics Litigation Support

A Guide To Electronic Evidence Discovery & Its Importance

By admin | January 25, 2008

Technology is present in every aspect of modern life and it is constantly growing & nowadays business communications are done using electronic storage devices like emails, flash drives, hard drives etc. Surveys shows that more than 85 percent of all documents produced since 2000 are created in digital form. As the technology is growing, a lot of people are exploiting these technological advances for illegal activities. Most of the time e-discovery is used in cases of intellectual property theft, sexual harassment in the workplace, fraud, breach of contract, divorce proceedings and spoliation of evidence. Here comes the Electronic data discovery which is quickly becoming the mainstream in civil discovery.

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Data Recovery Services & Solutions

By admin | November 16, 2007

Data recovery services & solutions are required when computer users are no longer able to connect to there data under normal operating conditions. Causes of such failures can be broken down into four main categories.

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Data Recovery – Get Your Information Back With Data Recovery Services

By admin | November 15, 2007

The services that data recovery experts can offer individuals and businesses are amazing. Many people wouldn’t be able to continue their day to day operations if the ability to recovery the lost data wasn’t an option. The information can be sentimental such as family photos or it can be business related such as your customer’s personal information. Regardless of the value of the data, taking the right action and getting a data recovery specialist to assist you puts you on the right track for a fast recovery. There aren’t too many people out there that take the time to backup their files like they should. Of course that doesn’t mean you didn’t intend to do it but that stack of blank CD’s and DVD’s just isn’t something you have had time for yet. Many people regret putting this off though when their hard drive or their server crashes and their data is lost. Placing your fragile self into the hands of data recovery specialist can be scary but if you work with an expert you will soon find it comforting. You should be confident in the skills of the data recovery specialist before you agree to allow them to start working on the project. As your friends, family, and other business owners who they have used for their data recovery needs. It does take time for the data to be recovered though so…

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Data Recovery Services: When You’re Facing A Wipeout

By admin | November 14, 2007

Your computer files are the foundation of your business. What if one day you awaken to find that your computer has crashed, and the foundation of you business appears to have crumbled? Are those files nothing but dust on the winds of cyberspace? Or is there a way to gather up their bits and bytes, reassemble them, and lay the bricks of a new foundation? There very well may be, but it requires the skilled handling of one of the many data recovery services which have come to the rescue of more computer-driven businesses than you might believe. And they have not retrieved data only for small business proprietors; data recovery services have been the saving of many a multi-million dollar operation or project. Data recovery services have also practiced good citizenship in recovering data erased from the hard drives of undesirables. Finding Data Recovery Services If you’re someone who neglected, or never learned how, to back up your hard drive, it’s time to call for help from one of the data recover service by doing an online search and finding one, if possible, nearby. If you have to settle for one of the data recovery services I another area, so be it. You’re not in a position to quibble, are you? You’ll need to extract your non-functioning hard drive from your PC and send it out to have data recovery services administered.…

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Data Recovery: Prelude To Precautions

By admin | November 13, 2007

All the information stored in our computer is classified as data. Inadequate data backups, accidental format, virus attack, software malfunction, file/directory deletion, unexpected shutdown or even sabotage may contribute to data losses. The problem of data loss can be overcome with the help of data recovery software’s. But, even for utilizing these so called easy software’s properly, one needs a lot of technical know-how. Choosing an improper application, misinterpretation of the problem or one faulty step is enough to render your data irretrievable. Hence, we must exert great caution while recovering our lost data. The data is mostly stored in hard disks. In the event of a hard disk crash or system malfunction, never dismantle the drive or try to fix it yourself. This is because the read/write apparatus in a hard drive is extremely sensitive. Any kind of jerk, push or pull can permanently damage the drive. Moreover, drive dissection is always carried out in class 100 labs. Such a neat and clean environment cannot be replicated in our homes. So kindly do not attempt to doctor your drives. Data can be lifted from drives only if they are physically intact, so if you hear any strange noises from your system, immediately turn it off .We must run file recovery utilities and not file repair utilities if we intend to recover our lost files. The repair utility can damage the files since…

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Everything One Needs To Know About Data Recovery On Mac Computers

By admin | November 12, 2007

No matter how experienced you are in using a computer, there is no guarantee that you will never go through the nightmare of accidental data loss. Should you change your mind about a file you have just deleted, or simply realize that it was the wrong file to delete, you will have to come to terms with the fact that human error is a very common thing among computer users worldwide. There are many other factors that can cause the problem of loosing data. The failure of the hardware on your computer or a crash due to some type of software are only some of the reasons that make you loose time and money over recovering data from your computer. Not to speak about human error or issues caused by the power systems! These are even more harmful and happen a lot more often than the damages caused by floods, fires, heat or smoke. One must also consider the virus attacks and the issue of vandalism or sabotage, as you can never know what may happen. Nevertheless, the main point is that you do not need to panic, in case you are in the situation when you must attempt data recovery. The main reason for this statement is that there are numerous data recovery software types, that can surely get you out of such a unpleasant situation. Data recovery software is available for…

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Tips For Data Recovery

By admin | November 11, 2007

Anytime your hard drive crashes or you lose your data, you’ll need to turn to data recovery to properly restore your information. Data recovery is something most computer users are familiar with, as a majority of us have had to turn to data recovery at some point in time. Even though hard drives are becoming better and better, they are still mechanical and will always encounter problems. The first thing to do, before any problems happen, is to always back up your data. If you create backups of your information, you’ll be well prepared in the event of a disaster. This way, even if your hard drive cannot be repaired and the data is lost forever, you’ll have the back ups to continue going as normal. If you didn’t make back ups, you’ll find the situation very traumatic when you discover that your data cannot be recovered. Most hard drives will last for years before they start to encounter any type of malfunction or hardware problems. You can help prevent data loss by turning off your computer when it isn’t in use, or shutting it down when you hear the hard drive making an odd noise. If the hard drive starts to malfunction, letting it continue to run will only do more damage. If you shut it off immediately and take it to a specialist, you’ll have a much better chance of getting…

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The Evaluation Process Of Data Recovery

By admin | November 10, 2007

As most people already know, almost all hard drives fail due to normal use and conditions. Although it can happen at anytime, hard drive failure normally takes several years to occur, due to normal wear and tear. No matter what the case may be, you should always be fully aware of the options that are available to you, and what you should do if your hard drive fails. Data recovery is the most useful and by far the best way to retrieve data that has been lost or deleted from a hard drive. Hard drive recovery can restore files that have been lost, no matter what the cause may be. From viruses to crashes, data recovery can restore the files on your hard drive by rebuilding the platters and the structure of the drive. Most experienced computer technicians can restore your hard drive in just a couple of days. Before you hard drive can be rebuilt, it must be evaluated. The evaluation process will give the technician a chance to go through your hard drive, determine what caused the failure, and what they need to do to restore your data. This is a very extensive process that involving a series of steps performed by the technician. First things first, the technician must determine if the problem is logical, physical, or possibly a combination of both. Physical failures result in hardware malfunctions, while the…

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Data Recovery & Forensic Recovery Explained

By admin | November 9, 2007

The advances in communication that have been made in the last two decades created a new branch of detectives. These are electronic detectives, and they are required because electronic communication almost replaced the written hard copy form of communication, the majority of corporate data onlyexisting in electronic format. Because of this, hard disk data recovery experts have become a required aid for detectives or they became electronic detectives themselves. The computer has become a focal point for investigations or for corporations to identify their employs activities. Nowadays, a significant part of corporate investigations is the data recovery process. Through data recovery, a volume of data can be obtained and evidence can be found in documents that might be relevant to the investigation. The data recovery process ensures a mass of important information that can be used. There are a number of terms used to describe the data on a hard disk based on its state. “Active Data”, is used to describe the data form that is accessible to the user of the computer. The term “Recovered Data” is used to describe the information that has been recovered after it has been deleted from the Active Data. This data is either in a very easy to recognize format, entire files, or an expert will be required to interpret it as it is in bits and pieces. The last type of term is “Unused” and…

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Your Data Recovery Guidelines

By admin | November 8, 2007

Data recovery, according to the word sleuths and data recovery experts, is the process of salvaging deleted or inaccessible data stored on damaged media like magnetic disks and computer hard drives, optical devices, and tape cartridges. If you need your data to be recovered fast, certain data recovery service companies can do this but most of the time there is an additional cost or a different package depending on how fast they can give you back your files. There are several reliable hard disk data recovery specialists that will notify you when they think that the data can be recovered yourself and will guide and give you information on how to do it. Hard drive data recovery services are companies that work to make sure that all of your sensitive data can be restored if your system ever crashes. If you have decided upon using a data recovery service, you should know that that you will get a good portion, if not all of your data back. But if the drive is physically damaged and then the only hope that you have is to take it to a data recovery service where experts might be able to get your data off for you. In the worst scenario where you delete your most important files, data recovery software is capable of performing an extensive search on your hard drive to locate the pieces of…

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