Client Testimonials

Mr. Cohen documented hundreds, if not thousands, of instances of spoliation that other computer forensic experts were unable to find. His analysis and testimony were instrumental for a defense verdict and counter claim award of $4.3 million.
Patric Murch, Esq
McDonald Carano Wilson LLP

I am writing to recommend computer forensics expert Kevin Cohen to you. Kevin’s company Data Triage Technologies is located in L.A., and I recently used him on a trademark counterfeiting case in the Central District. The defendant defended his use of our client’s federally registered trademarks by claiming that he created the marks and first used them in commerce. In support of his assertions, he produced a compact disc, which he said was burned on a computer in China where the marks were originally created. According to the defendant, this “original CD” contained the original artwork evidencing his creation of the marks.Kevin forensically examined the purportedly “original CD” and determined that it had been electronically backdated. He reached this conclusion by examining metadata on the disc to ascertain what software was used to burn the disc, then researching to conclude that that particular software was not released until years after the time the defendant claimed the CD was burned. Kevin also did a forensic inspection of the defendant’s computer and iPhone, and he was able to determine that the defendant had deleted hundreds of emails and, better yet, had run Internet searches days just before turning over his devices for “How to delete email forever,” and “How to delete email from iPhone.” Based on Kevin’s findings and his reports, we moved for terminating sanctions and our judge vacated our trial date and ordered extended briefing on this motion. The case then settled on very favorable terms (including a stipulated permanent injunction against the defendant) the day before the defendant’s opposition to our motion was due. I am not overstating things in saying that Kevin’s work blew the case wide open.

I have used Kevin in other cases, and he has always been really effective and efficient. He is the best computer forensics expert I’ve run across. He’s also a really nice guy. He works in San Diego and Orange County, as well as L.A., and his website is here:

Kenneth M. Fitzgerald
Chapin Fitzgerald Sullivan & Bottini LLP

Over the last 4 years Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP has retained Data Triage in litigated matters. Data Triage has provided expert forensic analyses in complex trade secret cases in which protocols regarding the inspection of sensitive data stored on hard drives and servers were necessary and established by Data Triage. The services with regard to inspection, retrieval and analysis of electronic data was technical and of the highest quality to ensure that use of the analyses at the time of trial was not subject to attack under Daubert standards. I do not hesitate in recommending Data Triage in the area of forensic computer analysis in litigated cases or generally, litigation support.

Deborah Sirias
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP

Data Triage has provided expert computer forensic and data recovery services to Ingram Micro over the past three years with a consistently high sense of urgency, quality, and integrity. Data Triage provides a unique blend of high customer service and high technical competency while solving the most difficult forensic cases in complex computer network environments.

Jim Garrett
Sr. Director IT Security
World-Wide Corporate Security
Ingram Micro, Inc.

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