Electronic Discovery, otherwise know as eDiscovery or EDD, relates to Locating, Preservation, Processing, Reviewing, and Production of responsive documents that are part of electronically stored information (ESI). The role of an electronic discovery expert or e-Discovery expert is to help bridge the gap between lawyers and information technology.

The changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in December of 2006 mandate that discovery is to include electronic evidence as part of the discovery process (e-discovery). The scope of e-Discovery encompasses all electronic communication including EmailsWord documentsSpreadsheetsimagesaudio and video files, and any other file containing possible relevant evidence, and their metadata.

At Data Triage, We understand that the efforts to comply to an eDiscovery request is often expensive and time-consuming.  Our experts carefully analyze the particular situation of each client and offer them solutions that best fit their needs with the most cost effective means in mind.

Data Triage Technologies’ experts are versed in the simple networks found in small companies as well as the complex networks of large domestic and international Corporations. The experts at Data Triage Technologies are extensively trained with respect to wide variety of e-mail servers, network file servers, operating systems, PDAs, and other devices. In preparation for litigation it is crucial to build a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of computer forensics and complex networks to provide the best in forensic analysis and electronic litigation support.

  • Preservation of ESI: Our experts work with attorneys to identify the applicable data for eDiscovery.  They collect and preserve the identified data from custodians in proper procedures in order to prevent spoliation and loss.
  • ProcessingMetadata ExtractionOCR,  Deduplication to eliminate exact copies, Keyword searching, and file filtering.
  • Document Review: Secure Online Review, Concordance, Relativity, FYI, iCONECTnx.
  • ProductionTIFFPDF, Bates formats, Load File Export for importing data into in-house document review systems, Data Redaction to remove confidential privileged information from files.

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