Data Recovery: Prelude To Precautions

All the information stored in our computer is classified as data. Inadequate data backups, accidental format, virus attack, software malfunction, file/directory deletion, unexpected shutdown or even sabotage may contribute to data losses. The problem of data loss can be overcome with the help of data recovery software’s.

But, even for utilizing these so called easy software’s properly, one needs a lot of technical know-how. Choosing an improper application, misinterpretation of the problem or one faulty step is enough to render your data irretrievable. Hence, we must exert great caution while recovering our lost data.

The data is mostly stored in hard disks. In the event of a hard disk crash or system malfunction, never dismantle the drive or try to fix it yourself. This is because the read/write apparatus in a hard drive is extremely sensitive. Any kind of jerk, push or pull can permanently damage the drive. Moreover, drive dissection is always carried out in class 100 labs. Such a neat and clean environment cannot be replicated in our homes. So kindly do not attempt to doctor your drives.

Data can be lifted from drives only if they are physically intact, so if you hear any strange noises from your system, immediately turn it off .We must run file recovery utilities and not file repair utilities if we intend to recover our lost files. The repair utility can damage the files since they are meant only for repairing of files and restoring normal settings and not for recovering lost data. So run a data recovery utility before running any type of repair utility.

Another precaution is that never install the recovery software on the same drive as the missing files. This reduces chances of overwriting of data. Check for the compatibility of the software. Check for any stray information being written to the affected drive by the recovery software. Always install the data on a separate drive and connect it to the affected files as secondary drive. For failed hard drives it is advisable to secure the data and switch over to a new drive since no hard drive can be repaired in a foolproof manner. There is always a danger of secondary failure.

If we intend to send the apparatus to a recovery lab, we must pack the contents as instructed. In case of disasters, create a back up of all available data and install data protection shields to prevent any further data loss. Similarly, never allow anybody to work on systems that hint at any kind of data loss or system malfunction. This may aggravate the crisis.

Intelligent, timely and prompt data recovery is possible if adequate measures are taken. If you don’t feel confident about running recovery software, DON’T RUN IT. Maintain regular data backups for all your data and keep them updated. Seek professional help whenever manual recovery options yield unsatisfactory results. Do not tamper with disk drives or the source from where data is to be extracted. Use only those data recovery software’s which you are confident about.

Much simple software’s are available in the market today. Stellar phoenix Windows Data Recovery software, is a simple, fast and secure data recovery utility for windows vista and older versions of OS .Using such kind of tools can delete all your data loss worries and end your worst data nightmare with ease. Preview your lost data with its help save the scan for recovering data later. Data recovery utilities are undoubtedly the best bet in cases of damaged hard drives or for any other case of data loss.


By: Andrew Watson

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