Cell Phone Recovery

Cell phones (mobile phones, PDAs, and GPS devices) store a lot of information. In the cases where cell phone data is deleted or inadvertently lost, we can help you recover the information. We have the latest technology tools, software, and expertise to extract and recover the lost data from your cell phone.

Cell phone forensics is the process of preserving and retrieving the information which has been stored (or deleted) on the phone in a matter which can be admissible to court. In a cell phone forensics investigation, the data is preserved by imaging the cell phone using special software and tools. It is possible to fully retrieve or recover the data depending on the cell phone model, where and when the data was stored on the cell phone, even if the data has been deleted.

If you need supporting evidence for litigation, Data Triage experts can safely recover and examine cell phone data during a cell phone forensics investigation; these data are included but not limited to the following:

  • Call history, dialed calls, received calls, missed calls, and their duration.
  • Address book contacts, calendar, and memos, including when and if they have been synced with the user's computer.
  • Emails
  • Text messages (SMS and MMS messages), picture photos, Videos, and music files
  • Web browser data and visited pages
  • GPS Location data and stored Wi-Fi connections
  • Any files stored on the memory card or SIM cards
  • Any other information that is stored on the phone as a result of using the phone

Information retrieved from a Cell phone and or a PDA can offer crucial evidence in litigation. Our experts at Data Triage Technologies understand the legal issues and are trained with the latest tools to preserve and recover cell phone data in proper evidence handling procedures for litigation support.
Data Triage specializes in different brands and models of cell phones and PDAs namely iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Devices HTC, Samsung, and many more.

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