Incidence Response Team

If you suspect that your organization has become the victim a of security breach, it is important to act fast. You must move quickly to contain the breach before it leads to the compromise of your organization’s important data. When availability or integrity of digital information is compromised, many companies do not have the internal resources to respond effectively. If a breach is dealt with ineffectively, evidence that might be crucial to subsequent litigation could be lost. lost which can be crucial for litigation.

Compounding the crisis when such activity occurs, the company may have to disclose the problem publicly. The manner in which the crisis is dealt with and reported will impact the future of the business affected. The use of a professional Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) team can help prevent further unintentional damage being caused by well-meaning staff operating in “panic mode.”

Data triage technologies is a specialized group of security professionals highly trained in Computer Forensics, evidentiary procedures, and investigative techniques. Data Triage Technologies offers some of the best security professionals in the industry to work closely with your organization’s technical staff to effectively address any type of information security incident. Our Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) responds immediately enabling rapid restoration of of the confidentiality, integrity, and confidentiality of your files, services, and systems

Our CIRT team captures and isolates evidence while restoring services efficiently. Preservation of evidence is vital to assess the extent of damage while locating the cause to mitigate the incident properly. Steps are taken to insure the evidence is preserved for possible litigation or legal compliance.

Our experts analyze the incident and assess your organization’s information security status for vulnerabilities that may have been exploited. Any major vulnerability that is discovered is communicated to your IT staff so that they may address it immediately. In order to reduce changes to critical systems, minor vulnerabilities are documented for future remediation. While stabilizing systems, our consultants will take the necessary steps to preserve any electronic evidence that may exist. The overall goal of incident stabilization is to minimize system downtime, alteration of, or the disclosure of sensitive information.

Once systems are stabilized and all relevant evidence it collected, our consultants perform an in-depth analysis of information assets as well as threats and vulnerabilities that may have lead to the incident. The goal is to identify and mitigate security weaknesses that may lead to future incidents.

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