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Data recovery services & solutions are required when computer users are no longer able to connect to there data under normal operating conditions.

Causes of such failures can be broken down into four main categories.

Often Neglected this very important first step of the recovery process can make the difference between failure and success, it is worth noting that items 3 and 4 can be incorrectly diagnosed by untrained attempts.

2. Logical Failure.
File system corruption directly affects the logical integrity of the user’s data and their ability to access it under normal operating conditions.
Common situations are deleted or virus affected data.

3. Physical failure.
Noisy hard drives such as clicking, ticking or knocking noises can strike fear into anyone who has important data on their drive.

4. Microcode Failure.
Magnetic storage media or hard drives or disks as they are more commonly known as have there own internal operating system or code to be more precise, which is very complex and deals with such issues as bad sectors reallocation and physical to logical geometry, this is the most complex area for recovery simply not repairable by ordinary means, failure types or indications of such are the hard drive is not detected in the bios, or wrongly reports the family name of the manufacturer.

Occasionally hard drive media can exhibit a physical failure such as described above if misdiagnosed and internal work is carried out on the head stack assembly, this can severely compromise the procedure, again professional diagnosis is needed.

Common myths, dangerous advice, the big freeze…
Placing your hard drive in the freezer to recover your data is not a good place to start, or finish on for that matter; however the internet is littered with examples of such practises with alleged successful outcomes. Hard drive media are based on very precise control mechanisms down to a sub micron level freezing the media will destroy this precision, not to mention the water content that is now inside the disk enclosure… Hit or tap the media to make the hard drive work, contrary to popular belief this will not work either.

Open the drive up for a quick look, you may see the problem and be able to fix it, highly unlikely that any untrained computer user will discern anything; in fact the very opening of the media could yield the media now unrecoverable.

Clean room, what? Are the necessary?
Magnetic storage media are assembled in clean room environments which allow for strict control air particulate, temperature and static control.
As this process is required to build, design and assemble the media it requires nothing less than this equipment for repair, any company that does not have this equipment could cause further damage to your media.

Lost data? Now worries.
Losing data can be very stressful and an emotional time, here are a few basic tips that will help avoid this.

Keep the media cool via cooling fan which connects directly to the hard drive assembly.
Connect the computer through an UPS for continues smooth power supply.
Backup, backup and backup, preferably to further hard drives and a form of optical storage such as dual sided DVD.
Richard Cuthbertson, a proficient writer, writes for The author writes articles about hard drive data recovery and data recovery services. Supplementary editorials that were written by Richard Cuthbertson about data recovery are accessible on the internet.

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