Computer Forensics

Data Triage's computer forensics experts provide electronic litigation support by investigating, identifying, preserving, and analyzing, electronically stored information found in various devices, including but not limited to computer networks, hard drives, external storage devices, PDA’s, and cell phones. We have experience in diverse cases such as computer hacking, computer fraud, intellectual property theft, family law and divorce cases, sexual harassment, employment law, and much more.

Computers Don't Lie;
We Can Make Them Talk...

Computer Forensics Expert.

At Data Triage, our computer forensic experts go above and beyond what they can discover with standard forensics software. If and when needed, they create their own tools to investigate and uncover hidden data. If the data is (hiding) there, our experts will find it.

For litigation purposes, our Computer Forensics Experts assist our clients in identifying and retrieving electronic evidence using forensically sound procedures that will prevent spoliation and ensure that the legal integrity of the evidence remains intact. Our digital investigators preserve and maintain electronic data in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) thus ensuring admissibility in court.

Our computer forensics services include:

  • Preservation of Evidence: Image Hard drives, Network devices, Laptops, Cell Phones, PDAs, iPads, and other electronic storage devices
  • Assisting clients and litigators in identifying devices to be preserved and investigated
  • Data Recovery, Locate Hidden Data, Reconstruct Deleted Files, Emails, Internet History, etc.
  • Comprehensive Forensic Analysis and Investigation
  • Computer Forensics Expert Witness/Neutral Computer Forensics Expert
  • Demonstrate Evidence of Spoilation (Tampering with electronic files, file deletion)
  • Prove Transfer or Dissemination of Proprietary Data
  • Extract Password Protected and Encrypted Information
  • Construct/Reconstruct Time Line of Events
  • Reconstruct Phone Logs/Text Messages
  • Locate assets by reconstructing accounting software (QuickBooks/TurboTax)

Computer Forensics Expert.

Certified in CISA, CISSP, EnCE, and GCFA.

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