Phone Log Reconciliation

In complex litigation, client and vendor’s contact information is considered part of Intellectual Property or Trade Secrets. When phone records are subpoenaed to determine if there is a trade secret violation, a search must be conducted through multiple phone records looking for multiple phone numbers to generate a comprehensive report of either violation or non-violation.

Data Triage Technologies’ Phone Log Reconciliation Service is designed to completely manage a process that can be very time consuming if not automated appropriately.

Phone logs come in various formats, including digitally archived as images and spreadsheets, as well as in paper format. Each phone company and cell phone provider has its own proprietary format for storing and presenting records. These formats require standardization in order to generate a comprehensive analysis. Data Triage Technologies executes a process of Optical Character Resolution (OCR) as well as Quality Assurance to ensure the information is correctly entered into a database able to handle the various formats.

Once records are entered into a database, we perform a comprehensive search for the phone numbers under investigation and will provide a report containing Calling Number, Called Number, Date and Time information, Statement Date, and Statement Page.  Other formats are available upon request.

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