Data Recovery & Forensic Recovery Explained

The advances in communication that have been made in the last two decades created a new branch of detectives. These are electronic detectives, and they are required because electronic communication almost replaced the written hard copy form of communication, the majority of corporate data onlyexisting in electronic format. Because of this, hard disk data recovery experts have become a required aid for detectives or they became electronic detectives themselves.

The computer has become a focal point for investigations or for corporations to identify their employs activities.

Nowadays, a significant part of corporate investigations is the data recovery process. Through data recovery, a volume of data can be obtained and evidence can be found in documents that might be relevant to the investigation. The data recovery process ensures a mass of important information that can be used.

There are a number of terms used to describe the data on a hard disk based on its state. “Active Data”, is used to describe the data form that is accessible to the user of the computer. The term “Recovered Data” is used to describe the information that has been recovered after it has been deleted from the Active Data. This data is either in a very easy to recognize format, entire files, or an expert will be required to interpret it as it is in bits and pieces. The last type of term is “Unused” and it describes either parts of the hard disk that have never been used or parts that have been deleted from the Active Data and are available to be rewritten.

If covert corporate activities take place, then the data they leave behind will be deleted and probably the hard disk will be formatted and re partitioned to hide any traces. In this case, hard disk data recovery experts can help acquire proof by using advanced hdd data recovery tools and their expertise. This proof might then be used to conclude a case.

Data recovery specialists can help police investigations in many cases but the most expectable are cyber crime investigations that are related to credit card information theft or online money transfers. They also help in cases of child pornography.

With computers becoming a required standard in any office and workplace hdd data recovery experts will be tomorrows detectives in many investigations that include cyber crimes. They will be the ones that will uncover vital information for the conclusion of important cases.


By: Nahar Dijla


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