Hard Drive Recovery for Your Valuable Data

The most valuable assets of a company or an organization reside in files on computer hard drives. This is the main storage element in the system. In many cases the electronic evidence on the hard drive requires special skill and experience in data recovery to identify and retrieve the data. The current crisis of the system can be attributed to a number of factors, such as the inability to access a hard drive especially when back-ups are not available.

Hard drive crashes, Virus attacks or losing your valuable files through accidental deletion can be quite disturbing in your work. Unfortunately the data loss caused by such a failure will lead to financial losses in an organization, as well as to personal life. If the data disaster caused by a hard drive failure is not immediately managed properly, then the data loss can become permanent.

Hard drives are mechanical magnetic storage devices that are extremely susceptible to failure such as head crashes, circuit board shorts, electrostatic shocks, power surges, overheating, etc. To a major extent power failure could damage the hard drive. While Power surges and sags damage hard drives to crash and corrupt Windows systems, databases and other programs and services which need safer shutdown. Unless you have good surge protectors, UPS and backup generators, you can’t always believe to have good and safe data.

Hard drive crashes and Disk Failures in general can be broadly classified into five categories they are…

  • Firm ware corruption
  • Electronic failure
  • Mechanical failure
  • physical corruption
  • Logical corruption

Like other software, firmware can have bugs. When powered on, if the hard disk spins up and is not recognized by the computer then it can be altered as firmware failure. Sometimes the computer will properly recognize the hard drive spin up, but during boot up process it just hangs up before it starts up. The hard disk firmware is soft and corruption in it will not allow the computer to interact with the hard disk. The data in the disk could be recovered if the repair in the drive is rectified and reprogrammed. Recovery requires small level of programming and manipulation of the hard drive.

An electronic failure problem is based on the controller board of the actual hard disk failure where the computer power supply also acts as a source of fluctuations on the hard disk.

Mechanical hard disk failures are due to components internal to the hard disk itself. The data on the hard disk will become inaccessible as soon as an internal component goes wrong .This can be diagnosed, when the system is powered ON it makes a tickling sound. Do not attempt to open a hard disk if you suspect a mechanical fault because there is also a chance that you will destroy any chance of successfully recovering the data. Most common in recovery is unusual disturbing, which a hard disk recovery specialist alone could handle.

When your hard drive is making a ticking or a scratching noise due to bad parts, head crash, water damaged hard drive, and fire damaged hard drive can be caused and will indicate a physical failure. The aperture arm in the hard drive can fail motors or the platters can become damaged and lose the data that they hold.

In case of logical crash the damage is caused by the user such as invalid entry in file allocation, accidentally formatting the drive, loss of file system on a fragmented drive.

Of all these crashes you either need a hard drive recovery specialist or hard drive recovery software where hard drive recovery can work on all kinds of damages. www.datatriage.com is the specialists in data recovery where they retrieve the lost data by using the state of the art data recovery tools for crashed hard disk drives or damaged hard disk.

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